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What does it look like to produce bespoke clothing?

Our sewing room is an established clothing manufacturer. We offer the sewing of garments for private labels. As a result, you can count on the comprehensive solution of producing bespoke garments. We will say a few words about this process today.

Our offer is aimed at companies that design clothes under their own brand. We provide professional support at every stage of production. We operate both nationally and internationally. We always adapt to the needs of our client.

Producing garments for a private label – what does it look like?

Our sewing room helps from the very beginning – right from the pattern and cut design stage. Then, using state-of-the-art technology, we produce bespoke garments, creating finished blanks. Using innovative machines, qualified staff on the production lines take care of sewing the garments.

Garment production – sewing and what next?

The finished garments are covered by the sewing shop with a finishing service, i.e. a finish. Custom-made garments are cleaned and treated, such as decatting. This allows it to be ready for sale. The garment manufacturer, i.e. the sewing room, usually also provides packing and completion of the garments. It also offers transport to the address indicated by the customer.

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