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How does the sewing room work?

Have you ever wondered what the sewing process is like for the clothes we buy in the shop? Most of the clothes we wear are made in sewing factories like ours. They are factories. There, with the help of modern machines, clothes are made from A to Z. In our latest post, we will tell you a few words about how a professional sewing room works.

The specialists working in such factories develop a comprehensive and sustainable process for producing the clothes. This provides the manufacturer with a finished product that can go straight to the shop shelves.

How are clothes made? A professional sewing room without secrets

A professional sewing room helps to produce garments from the very beginning. It participates in the process of preparing the cut, selecting the pattern, fabrics and materials. Specialists develop prototypes. The approved design goes to the sewing room. There, on the production line, it is cut in the number specified by the manufacturer.

Not just sewing… What does the sewing room provide after sewing?

A professional sewing room like ours is not just limited to the cutting service. Our customers can also benefit from a finishing service involving the finishing of garments. The sewn garments are subjected to washing and specialised processing. We also offer logistical support. We can deliver packed parcels of garments to the customer or straight to the shop shelves.

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