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The best sewing room for fashion brands

Preparation for production - bond sewing



We want to learn about your needs and requirements from the order stage. We will help you choose the best quality fabrics and accessories, skillfully matching them to the project. We have been working closely with our suppliers from all over the world for many years. Thanks to this, we guarantee the highest quality of the offered raw materials.

Cutting room - own brand sewing room BOND

Cutting room


Using the latest technologies, we will create finished patterns that are harmonious and precisely connected with the remaining elements. We work to minimize fabric waste and preserve the harmony of the pattern.

Sewing - BOND's own brand sewing room



We guarantee the highest quality and perfection of execution. We have four production lines equipped with the latest machines. Sewing is done by qualified personnel. We attach great importance to the proper fit of accessories. The entire process takes place under strict supervision.

FINISH service - BOND's own brand sewing room

Finish service


Before the finished product reaches the customer, we focus on quality control. We carefully check whether it meets all the customer’s requirements. We also offer laundry and specialized processing services to match the clothing to current fashion trends.

Logistics and just-in-time delivery - BOND sewing room



The finished product is assembled, packed, and delivered to the customer. We offer full logistics and transportation services. We own our own fleet of vehicles. We take care to ensure that the finished product is safe during transportation. We are open to additional customer requests in this regard.

Customer service - Own brand sewing room BOND

Customer service


Our customers can count on our support at every stage of production. We offer personalized customer service in German and English provided by our employees. We guarantee the highest quality and data security.

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Don’t know exactly what services you need? Want to know what we can offer you? Check out our frequently asked questions. Learn the most important things about sewing clothes. Didn’t find an answer on the list? Write to us. We will help you find a solution.

We are a manufacturer of women’s and men’s clothing. We are able to fulfill any order. We cooperate with many partners in our industry. We offer large-scale, repetitive production orders. We have four production lines, experienced employees, and modern technological solutions.

We specialize in the production of finished products, from design to cutting, sewing, finishing, and transportation. We are able to sew any type of clothing, both on materials from our suppliers and on materials supplied by the customer.

According to our calculations, we are able to produce around 50,000 garments per month.

Yes, we have our own laundry with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification since December 1, 2020. We offer fabric washing according to the latest trends, as well as specialized treatments such as sandblasting, scraping, resin application, “distressing,” and many others.

Yes, the company cooperates with the best fabric suppliers in Europe and around the world. These are recognized manufacturers with the necessary certifications for fabrics, such as GRS, GOTS, SEAQUL, and Oeko-Tex Standard.

Yes, at Bond, we have a professional design department. Our designers are able to develop even unusual models. We also ensure on-time delivery.

The minimum order that we can fulfill is 250 units.

Yes, we test 100% of our fabrics. We perform durability tests. We care that the materials meet the highest standards, guaranteeing solidity and aesthetic execution.

Yes, we make prototypes or small trial orders from 50 to 200 units.