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Designing clothing for a private label – what does it involve?

Having a private label requires a partnership with a professional sewing room. Our company offers garment design and sewing from A to Z. This way, the entire process will be handled comprehensively, in one place.

This will definitely shorten the entire production process. It will make the finished garment go on sale faster. It will also save time and money. You can count on our full support in designing garments for your own brand. We guarantee service from design through to sewing and finishing.

Designing and sewing clothes – what does it look like step by step?

When working with private label, our sewing room provides assistance right from the start. We help you choose the pattern and cut, prepare prototypes. We advise on the choice of fabrics and materials so that the quality of the manufactured garments is as high as possible. We also prepare ready-made patterns that are harmonious and precisely combined with the other elements. We then sew the garments in our sewing room (we have highly qualified staff and modern production lines).

Fashion design for private label – finishing and logistics

Designing and sewing garments is not all we have to offer. We also offer a finishing service. We dedicate private label garments to professional cleaning and processing. We pack the finished garments and deliver them to the customer.

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