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Nowadays, more and more people are becoming interested in who is behind the production of their favourite clothes. Are they sewn in Poland or do they come from foreign factories? Poland has long been a well-known player in the clothing market, with many clothing brands choosing to use local services. But who exactly is involved in the process of creating and sewing clothes in Poland? It is worth taking a closer look at this question and learning more about the role of sewing factories and garment designers in the production process.

Who sews the clothes in the sewing room?

In the sewing room, the actual design is carried out by a garment constructor working in the cutting room. The garment constructor, as the name suggests, prepares the garment construction, i.e. physically makes for each ordered product the parts (blanks) from which the product is composed.

Clothes made in Poland

In Poland, many clothing brands use foreign production, but there are also companies that opt for the services of Polish sewing rooms. Polish garment designers prepare the construction and make the blanks, while the sewing rooms take care of the process of sewing the garments.

Garment production in Poland – factors influencing the decision

The decision to produce clothes in Poland depends on many factors. Production in the country may be cost-effective due to transport costs or product quality. On the other hand, production in Poland may be more expensive than production in countries such as China or Bangladesh.

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